Have your jewelry repaired by the specialists at BIJOUTERIE MANOUKIAN in Montreal.

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Sentimental and commercial value

Réparation de bijoux Montréal

A piece of jewelry has commercial value, but more importantly - sentimental value. It can be very difficult when a piece breaks or deteriorates with time. Our skilled repair services offer the chance to give your special jewelry a second life! We use cutting-edge technology to take care of your jewelry and bring back its beauty and shine. We can repair your gold or platinum pieces with precious or semi-precious stones, diamonds or other jewels.

Bring your broken or damaged jewelry back to life

Our priority is quality

Our team and jewelry store’s priority is to provide the highest quality work and service. That’s why we treat each of your pieces with precision and care, working towards artful perfection. We’ve equipped ourselves with the best equipment and material to handle your jewelry efficiently, all the while creating luxurious pieces. Our satisfied customers have established our strong reputation in the Montreal jewelry industry.

Réparation de bijoux Montréal

We handle your jewelry with keen craftsmanship and precision

We guarantee quality service for your jewelry repairs.

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